Data Center

Increase operational efficiency and increasing the facility’s chance of breakdown with Corvit Networks’ certified data center practice. To build, run and maintain more robust data centers, our educational programs provide practical knowledge to industry professionals of all grades  

CCNA (Data Center)

Agility is the hallmark of the productive data center of today. Built for rapid deployment of applications and backed by a highly flexible network, the data center has become central to companies competing in our digital age. Certification of CCNA Data Center offers the trust and flexibility you need to install, configure and manage data centers. With the help of Corvit’s certified data center experts, become CCNA Data Center Certified.

CCNP (Data Center)

The Cisco Certified Networking Professional Data Center (CCNP Data Center) certification focuses exclusively on positions that deal with the development, installation and maintenance of data centers in general. CCNP is advanced level of CCNA and digs deeper in all the topics.

CCIE (Data Center)

Cisco’s CCIE for Data Center is one of the gold standard certifications in the field of data centers. This certification is purely designed for those who are engaged in data center design planning, operations, implementation and troubleshooting. Getting CCIE Data Center certified marks your expertise in the field of data center technologies and makes you one the few most valued professionals in this industry.

Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure)

ACI is Cisco’s SDN (Software defined networking) kit and it holds a major value in the industry. It enables the customers to auto force policy changes on the go and ensures service delivery through intent-based networking technology.

Design & Deployment of Data Center Infrastructure

Data center infrastructure management is management of hardware infrastructure which is used to build a maintain a data center. It includes all the physical resources. It is designed to help you understand the complete listing of essential components of infrastructure used to build a data center.