Network Audit

An IT audit is the analysis and assessment of the IT systems, practices and procedures of an entity.

IT auditors assess if IT policies secure corporate assets, maintain data integrity, and comply with the overall goals of the company. In addition to physical security checks, IT auditors frequently evaluate the overall business as well.

CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor)

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) is a gold standard qualification in the area of information systems audit, control and safety. It is built for professionals in the field of IT / IS inspection, monitoring, assurance and information security.

IT Infrastructure Auditing

Learn the flexible skills and learn the tools and techniques needed immediately upon returning to work for a thorough IT audit.

Information Security Auditing

Because companies are increasingly facing cyber threats, routine cyber security audits are an excellent opportunity to assess an organization’s cyber security effectiveness. Cyber security auditing will help a company assess its current cyber security standard, identify vulnerabilities, and identify defense measures against potential threats and attacks.

Data Center Auditing

Today, data centers are important for businesses. The data center’s ability to operate at peak performance and without service interruption at the highest possible productivity levels is critical for business continuity. Corvit’s inspection and certification system for data center analyzes and inspects all of the data center’s key elements to assess compliance with different industry requirements.